A New Way of Doing Business

A New Way of Doing Business

Social Enterprise…Community Support Agriculture…two topics getting alot of play these days.  With the gas prices the way they are & the cost of getting food from out of town costing more each day, people are turning to local suppliers for fresh vegetables and fruits.To harness the growing trend, and to provide for the less-than-fortunate of our community, I have decided to use a model that is currently being used at Growing Home in Chicago.Being an avid gardener myself, an organic food fan, and always wanting to do something productive with my time on this earth and to be a part of the “greater good” I can see no better way to design my life than to mimic what the people at Growing Home are currently doing.  I already see that I will expand the program, tweak it to fit the lowcountry’s way of living and thinking, but the bare bones are there & that saves me a whole lot of time!

I’m excited and intimidated at the same time.  Afraid I won’t have what it takes, but thrilled to know deep ion my soul that I do and all of the Universe is behind me!  I used to be concerned about how everything was going to play out.  Recently I’ve learned not to be so concerned with how it happens, only to focus on that it IS going to happen!!

This is what I live for and I couldn’t be happier with my choices:)


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Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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One Response to A New Way of Doing Business

  1. Tammy McLeod says:

    CSA is a great concept to get involved with. It truly does create a sense of community and greater good. Good luck with it.

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