I AM……….

I AM…….

  • a Loving, Kind, Generous woman.  I will give my last dime to someone in greater need. The shirt off of my back. A place to stay in my house with no thought of payment. What do you need? Tell me & I will do my best to see that you have it. And I will NEVER throw it in your face…Never Ever.
  • a Servant. I’m here to give what the Creators have given me.
  • a Mother. I was born to be a parent & although I fought it tooth & nail, the Creators allowed me to have 3 beautiful, wonderful, loving, & generous children. I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world!!! They really are the best part of my entire life. I cannot express how much I love them. There are no words.
  • a Grandmother. I love my little babies and even though the mother of the 2 boys uses them as pawns in her twisted game of ‘revenge’ for a life she brought on herself, I will not be daunted by it.  I WILL see those boys grow up & have a close relationship with them, no matter what she says! I have a lovely 3 1/2 month old sweet & laughing granddaughter. Oh, how she reminds me of my daughter.  She has the best parents ever & I’m so grateful to be a part of her life (and theirs!). She doesn’t know yet how blessed she is to have such a loving family, but she will:)
  • A Daughter. My Mother is the most loving, generous, kind, forgiving woman I have ever known and I am blessed beyond measure to have been born to her. I am her first born child and no one can ever take the place of a mother’s first born:) She has been one of my best friends ever and I miss living close to her….for now.
  • a Friend. I will be there for you no matter what. I enjoy laughing with my friends. And I will cry with you, too. I will rejoice in your accomplishments and commensurate in your failures. I will be there when you’re sick (although I may call a caregiver to help with that…hehe). I will be there when your children come & for all the days of your lives that you allow me. I am loyal to a fault. I’d rather focus on your positives & not dwell on your negatives. I will accept you for who you are…no matter what. I am the one who will ‘stick closer to you than a brother’.
  • a Healer. I have a calming and loving demeanor that spreads a balm of healing over a hurt soul. I am learning how to harness that energy now. Thru Reiki and other touch & energy healing methods, as well as nutrition & exercise, I help those who are hurting physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
  • a Visionary. I have always been able to see how to make things better. It doesn’t matter if it’s a system, a program, a neighborhood, a room in your house…I can see how to make it better.  Not only more functional, but in aesthetics.  As a Taurean I am drawn to beauty. Namaste Healing Center aka South Carolina Re-entry Initiative (SCRI) is just one of those visions!
  • An Organizer.  I can put your house, office, life in order like no bodies business!  It is a natural gift/talent I organize events, too.  I love doing those:)
  • A Lover. Most people don’t allow themselves to address this part of their lives. Families, Society, Religion have put a damper on one of our most basic drives…that of our sexuality.  I am a very sexual being.  I became aware of it all at around 7 or 8 years old.  I felt this tingling in my yoni before I even understood what my yoni is:)  I absolutely adore sex although I put it in a chest for 10 years after my divorce & while I finished raising my children.  But once they moved out of the house??? Man oh man…the Universe brought me a man 24 years my junior because that is who I needed to keep up with me after all of those years of suppression.  I actually could have used 2 of them, that’s how much energy I had! I am one of the best lovers you will ever experience and you will never ever forget my touch….not ever. I am that confident in myself:) I imagine my children don’t want to think of me in this way because of the ignorant way I brought them up.  If I could do one thing over again, it would be to teach them the real & true value of embracing our sexuality and how Tantra works in their lives.  It’s not too late to teach & I will do so:)
  • a Social Activist & Social Change Agent.  I fight for those who have been disenfranchised by our current justice system.  I fight for those who have not yet learned of their own power to fight & for those who are too weak and disheartened.  It is my destiny.  I am a WARRIOR!  Never Ever forget that about me!  I am Strong & Powerful.  I am Assertive and I Am Not Afraid. I think I have been one in past lives.
  • a Farmer.  I love the earth. I love the scent of the earth & the feel of it in my hands.  I miss the rich dark loamy earth of the Midwest. I am determined to see Urban farms all around the Charleston area.  I see vacant lots transformed into life-giving plots of land. I see large stretches that lay fallow bursting with the luscious green goodness of fresh fruit & vegetables and flowers to lift out spirits & make us smile.
  • a Lover of Music! Music is the language of our souls.  The melodies, the lyrics, the composition. There is a song for every emotion a person could possibly have; every experience we can imagine…it is all there in the music. And soon there will be a place in Charleston to experience music in a unique way.  One of my visions:)
  • a Spiritual Woman. Everything about me is driven by SPIRIT.  I have know all of my life how connected I am to Spirit.  Maybe I am Evolved. Maybe I am Enlightened.  Maybe it is the result of so many past lives.  I do not know.  I am DEFINITELY a Number Seven!! All I know for certain is that I AM.
  • Wise.  I don’t always use this wisdom because I allowed what other people thought of me to restrain my use of it. But I am Wise.  I ask for this wisdom from the Creators.  It is also a culmination of this life & the lives before me.  I am not arrogant or boastful about it. Pride is such an ugly thing.  I am humbled by it. I am humbled and in awe of this wisdom, however, I am also driven to share it, which brings me to the next thing…
  • a Teacher. I cannot help but share what I know!  I enjoy watching people grow & learn. That was one of the things I just adored about being a parent.  It gives me great joy to teach because I am also learning at the same time.
  • Curious! As much as I enjoy teaching, I love learning even more. TEACH ME! TEACH ME! TEACH ME! is my mantra.  I want to know.  It is this curiosity that drives me through life.  I want to know me. I want to know YOU. I want to just know for the simple joy of knowing:)
  • Balanced. I am a good healthy mix of the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine Energies.  I’m much more feminine and I revel in my femininity. Heck, I don’t even own a real pair of pants unless you want to count yoga pants:) Just dresses & skirts for me & a bathing suit in the summer. I thoroughly enjoy being a woman, but I can be a kick-ass witch if you cross me or hurt those close to me.  The Warrior emerges.  But the Lady is Always there.  That’s the way my mama raised me and I just love her for it!
  • I AM LOVE.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ And it is my mission to share it with all I see, hear, know, text, email, etc.

About lantanagurl

Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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