What is Love, really?

Love is the energy given to us by the Creators, or God/Goddess/the Universe. if you will, the Creators of all that is, was, and will be. In the vastness of the universe, energy is abundantly available for each of us to bring into ourselves. Not only can we love ourselves, but we can love plants to help them grow (remember the examples of the Celestine Prophecy?). We can love (direct energy) towards inanimate objects, telekinesis. We can walk on water (Peter) and we can shift matter into other forms (Jesus turning water into wine. Sai Baba shaping a gold ring into fitting on a person’s finger with the shake of his hand.)

When one is in the act of bringing energy into themselves, channeling this energy or viewing it as coming in as a vortex from the universe, that stream of energy is what I call the Christ Consciousness. I believe that if people would view this Word as just described, then so many teachings from Christianity become welcoming instead of separating.  The more I study and the more I listen intently to what the Universe is speaking to me, the more I understand truly what it is that Christ was telling us.  He was speaking about the Law of Attraction loud & clear.  He was telling us that Thoughts do indeed become Things.  He spoke of how we could do even greater things than He.  Turning water into wine, walking on water, & raising people from the dead was but a tiny fraction of what we can do.  Why did Peter sink?  He took his eyes of of the Lord, the power that is within us.  He doubted himself…thought becoming thing….and he began to sink!

When two or more people exchange this energy, then we could say “They are IN love, ” or a communion of energy flow back and forth. When I “love myself,” I know that I am shifting the harmed cells in my body into perfect alignment, focusing first on the pulsation of my heart, the energy waves which come from it. Second, directing that energy to communicate with my brain, or perhaps the third eye chakra. The space between the two then becomes “in love” and I continue to accept energy from outside my body to grow stronger and bigger. This powerful combination then shifts the rest of the chakra system as directed, to make perfect the physical vessel, the body. A focus on this feeling then allows me to walk through the physical perception of reality knowing that I am glowing or that my aura is still taking in energy with a release from all portions of my body without directing it towards anyone or anything. At this moment, all is perfect. A smiling child, a couple holding hands and the “negatives” as well (the car crash, the homeless person pushing their cart down the street, etc.), for these are all their soul’s choices of experiencing emotion.

Never forget that one of the soul’s purposes of being in this physicality, is to experience emotion, all of it, the “good and bad.” As the soul defines the emotions and can then recognize each emotion as it comes into manifestation to the body, the purpose of the soul’s journey into the physicality becomes fulfilled. LOVE is that energy we choose to bring in and give or release. It is that tool which speaks to our emotions. The separation from love is the trying to deal with emotions and experience emotions from only the ego and not from our spirits. Choose to partake of love or not. We are here to love, to learn, to grow and fulfill a divine purpose.


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Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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