I am awake! I am awake in a way I’ve not experienced in a very long time. Oh to be connected to our Creators fills my soul with such great love and a longing to be even closer. I want to share this love with everyone, especially the “unlovable”. Is there really such a thing? Didn’t someone at some point in time love the person we have labeled as unlovable?

Hurting people have always come across my path. I know what it’s like to feel unwanted and unloved by the very people who are supposed to be loving you. It’s painful. However, it teaches us how to show love, how to FEEL it and to pass it on to the injured and wounded souls the Universe places in our lives.

FAITH…it is sometimes a slippery thing to hold on to, as is hope. We humans are remarkably resilient. I think when Jesus was talking about faith as small as a mustard seed that He was speaking about faith in ourselves & in humanity.

In the movie, The Peaceful Warrior, I was reminded of universal truths, as well as enlightened to ones I was unaware of on a conscious level. The only moment is NOW. I am learning each day to be more present. I force myself to quit dwelling on the past and fretting over the future. I have finally come to understand the importance of being in the NOW. If I find myself slipping off I gently remind myself to focus on what I am doing in that moment. I focus on my breathing. I focus on what I am seeing with Intention. Now I don’t merely look at my cat. I focus on his fur. He is a beautiful sable colored Siamese with the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen. I pay attention to the way he moves across the room. Heck, I pay attention to the way I cross the room!

Technology has afforded me connections with other like-minded souls in a way we could never connect in times past. I simply Adore Technology! Thank You Creators for steering me to a degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Desktop Publishing & Graphic Arts! What a wonderful way to blend my highly scientific mind with my just as intense love of creation & art. Blessings galore. And now with social media and blogging I am able to fulfill my need for connection & social contact, as well as my joy of writing. What a wonderful world we live in. Yes, I know there is absolute chaos & hatred filling it, too. However, I am ever the optimist and I know it will change. Change is a GIVEN. And change is always good.

I am so happy that I am able to fully enjoy my sensuality & my sexuality. I am free! As one of my past lovers recently said to me, “You are the free-est person I know” and he is right. I don’t care any longer what people think to the degree that it stops me from “doing me”. I did all of the things I was supposed to do when I was raising my children. Now it’s time for mama to just do her:)

Sensual Bliss, oh yes indeed, sensual bliss. I fully enjoy living my life utilizing all of my senses to their fullness and it is my mission in life to help people free themselves and do the same.

I Love Life  •*´¨♥¸.• ♥ ´*.*♥¸.• ♥


About lantanagurl

Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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