This phenomenal woman is confident and trusting in her beauty, sensuality, power and wisdom and she lets it show from every angle and every curve of her fullness. From her eyes that sparkle, from the sensuality and sureness of her movement, the love that oozes from her beingness and from the confidence she displays in all she says and does.
She lives her truth. She harbours enormous self love and she’s stepped gracefully and courageously into her own skin. She shares the joy in her heart and she will inspire, nurture, give love and be loved. She flows with love and with life, she grows with each experience, she expresses her heart openly, and she is fully aware of her gifts and imperfections. She accepts and embraces them without shame.
She is all woman…she is w(holy) sensual and she will not hide, she will not give way to insecurities, she will not settle, and she does not worry about being “too much”. She IS. She is strong in her vulnerability. She will rise up to meet you all the way when you meet her, she listens, she sees you. She knows to love herself totally, for it is from that fount that she can share her love and her self. She trusts her power, her divine feminity, her wisdom from with-in, her open heart and her sensual fullness. She is you, she is me and she is ALL the phenomenal women I am blessed and honoured to know….

BY Susan MacIver


About lantanagurl

Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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