Theosophy…I think it pertains to me…maybe

“Theosophy [from Greek theosophia, from theos, divine + sophia, wisdom; literally “divine wisdom”], refers to systems of speculation or investigation seeking direct knowledge of the mysteries of being and nature, with particular concern on the nature of Divinity. Theosophy also is considered a part of the broader phenomenon of esotericism, referring to hidden knowledge or wisdom that offers the individual enlightenment and salvation. Esotericism, and hence theosophy, has six main characteristics: correspondence, living nature, imagination or meditation, experience of transmutation, practice of concordance, and transmission.[1] The theosopher seeks to understand the mysteries of the universe and the bonds that unite the universe, man and the divine world. She aspires to link theogony-anthropogony with eschatology and from investigation of these domains to discover a coherent cosmogony. The theosophist inquires into the hieroglyphs of nature, using a method of interpretation founded upon a specific myth or revelation, to which he applies his active imagination in order to draw forth symbolic resonances.

Theosophy broadly explores questions of metaphysics, especially questions within the areas of epistemology, mind, religion and the sciences. The theosophist’s premise is that knowledge must come from both external and internal sources, and requires both an existence and acknowledgement of internal and scientific truths. Both of these truths are given equal footing. Each individual theosophist’s interests and questions are dynamic due to this dual focus on internalism and externalism. Another central interest is the application and use of knowledge for the betterment of both humanity and the individual. Central theosophical questions include:

  1. What is the True and Universal reality? (Ontology)
  2. How can we find this True and Universal reality? (Epistemology)
  3. What are the Universal concepts between Mind and Reality ? (Metaphysics)
  4. How do we apply Universal truth to further Humanity? (Moral EpistemologyReligion)
  5. What does Science allow, or deny, within True and Universal Reality? (Metaphysics

Traditional theosophists engage in circular analysis of the universe, man and divinity. The theosophist inquires into the hieroglyphs of nature, using a method of interpretation founded upon a specific myth, revelation or observational insight. She then applies active imagination in order to draw forth symbolic resonances. By engaging in interiority or meditation on a specific religious revelation or myth, the theosophist engages in a search for the latent symbolic meanings in ordinary and extraordinary phenomenon. Her starting point may be either from knowledge of external things of this world, or knowledge of the internal divine realms. As her knowledge increases, she experiences a change in being. As Antoine Faivre notes, “the theosophist dedicates his energy to inventing (in the word’s original sense of ‘discovering’) the articulation of all things visible and invisible, by examining both divinity and nature in the smallest detail.”[6] This method of interpretation encompasses both rational and empirical approaches. Though the theosophical method is analytical, it also lends itself to a system style of metaphysics. The epistemological justification of knowledge is seen then as a synthesis, or integration, of both externalism and internalism practices. The knowledge of each Theosophist becomes somewhat individualistic and even at times independent” wikipedia

I’m thinking this applies to me. Not that I’m trying to fit into a box or have a label assigned to me. But, hey, if it fits well, I’ll wear it until I tire of it.


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