The Abyss

A friend of mine wrote the following post. She touched on things I dealt with myself this past summer. I was so incredibly depressed and physically ill. I fully expected to die. I truly did. But then my best friend opened her doors to me & I went to be with her & her son.

” I am learning to interpret my own depths more adequately. I, like many others, can be plagued by symptoms, such as anxiety or depression, that are baffling to us. Why am I depressed at times? What is the meaning of this? And thus, in the course of self-psychoanalysis – or really, any depth of healing that is mind/body/spirit – I am looking at my dreams, or at my symptoms, or my depression, or my anxiety, in a way that makes sense of them. I am interpreting them in a way that sheds light on my own interior.

Perhaps I am finding (willingly now) that I have hidden rage at my absent father, and this rage was disguised as symptoms of depression. I had unconsciously misinterpreted this anger as depression. And so, I was translating “sad” as “mad.” I am now in touch with this angry aspect of my own depth, an aspect that I had tried to hide from myself by misinterpreting it, mistranslating it, disguising it. 

The more adequately I interpret my depth – the more I can see that “sad” is really “mad” – more symptoms are easing, the depression is lifting. I am more faithfully interpreting my inner depths, and so those depths are no longer sabotaging me in the forms of painful symptoms.

I am seeing deeper into the abyss of my Womb and listening to the voice that tells its stories and hearing the stories that tell of its unique voice! Give thanks! ♥”

Thank you Surya for putting into words that which I felt & experienced. Thank You Amanda & Roo for the love & care you give so freely to me! I am thankful for the healing. (((())))


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One Response to The Abyss

  1. Surya says:

    Give thanks! Give thanks!! ❤

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