Love Perfected

No man has at any time seen God. But if we love one another, God abides in us, and His love is brought to completion in us. 1 John 4:12

Do you know that love is intended to flow TO us and then THROUGH us? It begins with God’s love for us and is brought to completion when we learn to love one another.

The first step is God’s love for you and it begins with the fact that “They” love you unconditionally. I say “They’, and I always will because in the beginning of the Bible it says, “Let US create man in our image”. That seems an often overlooked fact, but I digress.

The second step is for us to respond to God’s love. The only proper response is to receive God’s love, knowing it is something They freely give, not something we can earn or otherwise secure for ourselves. Their love is in us, it is ours, and we will learn that loving ourselves properly is God’s will.

The third step is to  give our love to God. This includes worshipping Them with our lives, spending time with Them, studying and honoring what They teach us, praying & meditation upon Them, and expressing gratitude to Them.

The fourth step in love being perfected in you is to let it flow through you to others. I believe the first step in allowing God’s love to flow through you is to realize your purpose or Dharma as it is said in India. When we discover our purpose and we are living fully in it, love can’t help but flow through us. The joy we feel is too much to contain in these clay vessels and it simply must overflow into the world around us. We laugh, we dance, and we shout with joy and all of Creation joins us.


About lantanagurl

Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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