Organic Beauty Care Recipes

Shredded coconut and coarse sea salt will help exfoliate and are natural antiseptics. Coconut milk is hydrating and well who does not love the smell?! Keeping your feet hydrated and clean is an important part of health and energy balance. Take the time to take care of your feet, they will thank you for it!


4 tablespoons of shredded organic coconut
3 tablespoons of coarse sea salt*
1 tablespoon of organic avocado oil (or your favorite carrier oil)
2tablespoons of organic coconut milk
20 drops of lemongrass essential oil

*If you have cuts or eczema, use brown sugar instead of the salt. Sea salt can sting if you have sensitive skin.


Mix the shredded coconut, sea salt, avocado oil together until it forms a thick paste; add the coconut milk slowly to have the right paste like. Add the essential oil.

Soak your feet in warm (not hot)…

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  1. I don’t know about a foot scrub, but the ingredients make me want to eat it! 🙂

    Though ye know what they say… don’t put anything ON your body that you aren’t willing to put IN your body, as well! Good rule of thumb, methinks. 😉

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