Immersion In Sacred Spaces

Sacred Space
Sheer spirit and pleasure,
Summers warmth to treasure.
Dark illusions evaporate in loves glow,
Emerging from a mist, arises a rainbow.

In such sacred spaces, true colors show
Outward my energies openly flow,
I am frozen in her sunny heat,
My heart melts in willing defeat.

A surrendering of my will,
So willingly occupied ,
Spellbound I am still,
Within mother earth Preoccupied.

A powerful sharing so freely falls,
Refreshing us from its watery walls
Deepening breaths, cleansing strife,
Watery depths, produce exotic life.

Submerged in our most primal mooring,
Enraptured, entwined, embraced,
Until the light of a new morning,
Within a woman’s presence, my being is graced.

The feminine divine, a soul’s revelation,
Her restoring touch could save every nation.
Our world needs a woman’s good graces,
Submitting to her holy and sacred spaces.

The Sacred Feminine, a Goddess revealed.
Restoring her place leads us to be healed.
So taste her goodness, breath in her scents,
Healing in our oneness, she is heaven sent.

Sheer pleasure revealed through the mist,
Rainbows lighten hearts, as softly as a kiss.
A Goddess to Treasure, by day or night.
Many blessings to you, in love and light!

By Richard Moore


About lantanagurl

Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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One Response to Immersion In Sacred Spaces

  1. 7theaven says:

    Hmm, a pretty good one, with a an apt picture for it

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