The moonlight shimmers on the water
Candlelight flickers in the dark
Slowly I sink into the steaming bath to escape
I close my eyes
My body unzips
The outer layers pulled back one by one
Dressings of ego dissolve in the water
My heart exposed
a radiant purple light
Glowing in the night
Love breathes with every beat
A sigh of relief escapes my lips
Naked and true, safe and warm,
A gentle hand hugs my cheek
The other flowing through the tresses of my hair
Rest in my love
Fingertips dance across my body
Slowly gliding along my glistening skin
Touching every part of me
Such love, such wondrous love
Chill bumps appear in the stirring heat of passion
Steam rises as our love burns
waves of ecstasy course through me
The waters ripple from my trembling body
Gravity does not exist, my from suspended in the waters, I no longer feel the tub beneath me
I hear your soft sighs,
Letting go
Arms around me, I am held
No human presence,
only my beloved in me

About lantanagurl

Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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