Focus on the Goal and Let the Other Stuff Go

Rumination can be the ruin of the soul. When we spend time dwelling on every mistake, every fault and every failure of the past, it is far too easy then to proceed into shame, guilt, remorse and contempt for self. These things indeed can be very destructive for our soul, and they also can be huge reasons to relapse. We need to make conscious decisions not to dwell on these issues. This does not mean ignore them, but it does mean that we must use the steps to bring healing to our past.

We can learn to rely on our Higher Power’s help to rebuild our damaged self-esteem and lost self-respect. We need to open our minds and our hearts to God’s care for our brokenness. We MUST quit using substances to numb the pain and avoid our issues; all we do is prolong it and keep playing the victim in our lives. We are NOT victims!!

Bad things happen in our lives to teach us lessons and help us to grow. Otherwise we would not attract those things into our lives.

I want to share a scripture from the Christian Bible that helps remind us of our power. This is a paraphrase & not the exact wording…”Finally my brothers & sisters, Be Strong in the Lord and in His/Her mighty power. Put on the full armor of God.” This is Ephesians 6:10. There is more to this passage, but what I want to convey here is that WE have control over what we think & feel and we have HELP to gain self control. It doesn’t matter what one calls your Higher Power. It doesn’t  matter if we identify with the male or the female aspects of this Power. What matters is that we are NOT ALONE. We have help and it is simply a mere whisper away.

So put down the alcohol & mind altering drugs, and whatever else is used as a panacea for dealing with problems. Go inward. The answers are inside of us and it will be almost impossible to tune into this energy; this Power greater than ourselves, if our minds are numb and our thoughts are muddled. Meditation cannot be stressed enough. It is important to quiet the mind and LISTEN. One does not need to sit for hours either. A simple 10 to 15 minutes a day will suffice. There are many free guided meditations on
YouTube to help us.

The past is the PAST. We cannot undo any of it. We cannot change one second of it, however, we can Learn from it. We can let go of it & it’s power to make us feel badly about ourselves. The CHOICE is ours. If we want to keep playing victim, then we might ask ourselves, what purpose is it serving? Does it make us feel vindicated somehow? Do we feel in control in some way? Is the Poor Me attitude giving us the attention we crave and that is why we continue to play the victim? Those are just a few questions we may want to ask.

As any religion, philosophy or school of thought tells us…We ARE what we think. Think on the Good Things and allow the rest to slip away into the void. as inspiration:)


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Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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4 Responses to Focus on the Goal and Let the Other Stuff Go

  1. Another great post!

  2. The Curiosity Shoppe says:

    Love this! I had just written an email to a friend about feeling anxious. Then Providence intervenes. Thank You!

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