Find Happiness By Listening To Your Instincts

The Answer Is Within You. Are You Listening?

Don’t ignore prompts from your body telling you to make a change in your environment. Your body will tell you everything you need in order to find peace. Stop ignoring the signals! They are the key to your true happiness. They are the answer you’ve always searched for. They are your instincts and they will always tell you exactly what you need. Isn’t that crazy? The answer has always been within you! You have been telling yourself what you need to be happy your whole life. But were you listening? It takes practice, but I know you can do it.

A television will tell you what you need. So will a magazine, a newspaper, the internet, your mother-in-law, your spouse, friends and neighbors. Everyone has an opinion. When you get a strange e-mail from an address you don’t recognize, with a weird link attached, you don’t bite. Why? Because you’re smarter than that. You know what is best for you. You know a scam when you see it.

You also know when you love something – a food, a scent, a color, an activity, a song. You know you. So, listen to yourself! Go ahead and listen to all the other opinions, too. Take them in for what they are – other people’s opinions – and ultimately, do what you know is best for you. Trust yourself. People all over the world will tell you what they think is best for you. They might even be right sometimes. But it’s your life. You wake up with yourself every day. You go to sleep with yourself every night. Even if you think your partner or best friend knows you completely, they don’t know you as well as you know yourself.

Positive Affirmation about listening to instincts for guidance.

I listen to my instincts with an open mind and an open heart.

Another conscious behavioral change you can make which will help you get to living your dreams, is to start really paying attention to what is going on around you. Notice what is happening all around you. Really start to listen to the sound of wind rustling through trees. Hear the birds chirping and the squirrels scampering around. Look at the leaves on trees, and notice how they weren’t so green last week. Don’t wait until the obvious color change in the fall. Look at the trees every day. Start to look at all the details that you pass on your daily commute. How many stop signs do you go through? How many people are carpooling, versus those that drive alone in a car? When you eat, really notice how things taste. If you eat an apple every day, ask yourself if there is any difference in the taste or texture of the apple from one day to the next. Really start to quiz yourself about the details of things that are happening around you. What does the fabric on your chair feel like when you touch it? At what point in the day do your eyes start to get tired from staring at a computer? How long does it take before your feet start to notice that you’ve been standing for along time?

Once you start to slow down and notice sounds, sights and feelings, you’ll begin to listen and communicate better. In the fast paced lifestyle of taking every sound for granted, it’s common to draw a conclusion about a conversation before it’s even finished. Once you are in the moment, you’ll learn to fully listen to what another person is saying while they are saying it. You’ll take the time to gather your thoughts and construct a graceful, smart and relevant response.

Your mind will begin to work more efficiently. You will be able to plan and schedule things. Wait ― what’s that you say? Isn’t this book about anti-planning and anti-scheduling? Yes and no. I encourage you to break free from the trap of complying to other people’s demands. I want you to make your own plans. Create your own schedules and do the things you desire. If you are able to break free from other people’s demands but you aren’t in tune with your own surroundings and instincts, you might notice that you don’t know which direction to go. Your mind will be all over the place, and you will be unsure of what steps you need to take to get to your dream life.



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