I rain because your Meadows call for Love

I have planted Love in my Heart next to every signpost in the sky

I speak because every cell in your body Is reaching out for love

You are a shy divine deer that I cannot cease tracking

So I run to the edge of existence and join my soul in Love

I lift my heart to love and Grace is poured

I lay my Wings as a bridge to you so that you can join me signing about Love

The tide of my love has risen so high let me flood over you

I want to tie myself as a gift around your neck

I want to place a wonderful secret near your heart

I love U

Written By Adam DeYoung


About lantanagurl

Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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5 Responses to Love

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  2. howanxious says:

    Reblogged this on 20 LINES A DAY – an exercise in discipline and commented:
    Isn’t it wonderful!?

  3. Could you share where you located this picture? It’s beautiful.

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