I haven’t felt like writing in all of my blogs lately. Emotional turmoil can get the best of me at times. I’m getting better at controlling my emotions through meditation. I’m also studying Reiki and I expect to be healing myself of all sorts of crap before venturing out to heal others.

A friend of mine said that she has always known I was a healer. We’ve been friends now for about ten (10) years so I guess she does know me better than most people:)

I’ve been in a state of flux’ transitioning from my old way of life and into a more spirit driven one. It feels comfortable here.

I have been presented with an opportunity to teach & yet I feel unworthy to be their teacher. Do I really know enough about sacred sexuality? I question my abilities in that area.

I have also been presented with an opportunity to learn about a business. It will not pay me at first. I’d be an intern for a young man who is the same age as my oldest son. It’s a good thing my ego doesn’t get in the way of learning from people younger than I am. So many people get hung up on the age thing. I think God put something special in my soul that kills that part of my ego…lol  I think one can learn from a baby. I know I have!

I am trying so hard NOT to get caught up in the fear of not have actual money in my hand to pay the bills. I am learning to keep my trust & faith in the Universal Laws of God who takes care of the fowl in the air & the lilies of the field. I am also practicing being Present and In The Moment rather than focusing on a future that isn’t promised to me anyway. So many of the Enlightened teachers have stressed this principle over & over…do not worry about tomorrow, stay focused on today & only today…Live in the moment.

As long as I do that I do not have a tightness in my chest, my blood pressure does not rise & I truly do have a peace that passes all understanding.


About lantanagurl

Farmstress, Adventuress, Spiritual Junkie, Community Builder, Social Justice Activist, Momma and Grandmomma :)
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One Response to Limbo

  1. Much love to you sister goddess……I KNOW all is perfect. I SEE you TOTALLY taken care of. You are on your perfect dharmic path. Love and light

    You are an amazing human BEing!

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