There is a Misconception: Spiritual versus Sexual

I believe there is a misconception that in order to be spiritual one cannot be sexual. It is not sexuality at issue, but how we choose to express that sexuality.

I come from a childhood where sex was taboo, it was not something that was discussed openly by most of us.  My first experience of it was as abuse. Sadly, many of us have been raised in an environment where sex was seen as ‘dirty’ or something you do to ‘make babies’. When in reality the sexual act is one of the greatest, most beautiful gifts God has given us.

Sex, when shared in love energy, is communion with ourselves and with God. Sex with love heals and restores us. Sacred sex enhances our lives  and makes our spirits soar. Sex without love robs us and breaks our spirit. It robs us of positive energy and leaves us feeling depressed, sad, lonely, and empty. And yet many of us have not been able to discern exactly what is missing. Why do we have a feeling emptiness? What is it that is lacking and sending us on an endless journey with countless meaningless sexual encounters? We are looking for emotional and spiritual fulfillment which can only be found in a sacred loving experience.

I am a very sexual and sensual person. I believe sex is a very important part of spirituality; a crucial component of our existence. When we connect with someone whom we love, with whom we can share our souls, our vulnerabilities, and the deepest most intimate part of ourselves and share our bodies and souls with this person; it truly becomes the essence of our existence.  I feel that is what God intended all of us to have, the sharing of our bodies and energy in pure, unconditional love; an intense and consuming connection to our Creators.




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One Response to There is a Misconception: Spiritual versus Sexual

  1. ruleofstupid says:

    I entirely agree. Sex enables us to say everything to the one we love that words cannot.

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